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Auctions are a trending topic among NNRMLS members. We are fielding an increasing amount of calls regarding how to distinguish residential listings that are being offered at auction from other listings. This article will walk you through the process of searching for auctions and how to eliminate auctions from your search results.


  • Login to Paragon
  • Start a Residential Search
  • Using Customize button, add the Sale/Lease field.
  • Select type for Sale/Lease: Sale, Lease, Option, and/or Auction
  • Enter other search criteria as desired.
  • Save search.

1) Login to Paragon and click Search > Search by Class > Residential1








2) Click Customize button and select Fields.









3) Find Sale/Lease. Select the field by clicking in the box to the left of the field name. Click Add button.
4) The field should appear at the bottom of the list in the Selected Fields Column. You can click and drag the field Sale/Lease and position as desired within the Selected Fields column. This will determine where the field shows up on your Search Criteria input screen. Click Apply button when you are done.








5) Click the Magnifying Glass icon to the right of the Sale/Lease field.
6) Select the types of listings you would like included in the results for this search.

6a) If you would like to include only Auctions in your search, click the white box to the left of the item labeled Auction.6

6b) You can optionally select any combination of the listing types. To exclude Auctions, select other listing types and leave Auction type unselected.6b
*NOTE:  If you select none, it is the same as selecting all listing types. 
A blank value for this field will return Auction, For Sale, Lease, and Sale-Lease Option listings. Click the Save button when you are finished.

7) Complete the Search criteria as desired. In the example below I am searching for a
2-Bed, 3-Bath S/SB listings between 150K-325K in area 130, and I am excluding Auctions. Click Search to view the results.7
8) Click the Save button. Select Save Search

*NOTE: Saving your search will save you the work of adding the Sale/Lease field in the future.

9) Give your search a unique name. In Item 2, click the corresponding radio button to determine whether you would like to save your criteria values (Template WITH criteria values), or just the field arrangement (Template WITHOUT criteria values). In the last section of this window, you can optionally assign your template (with or without criteria values) as your DEFAULT Residential Search. Click Save when finished with your selections.9

10) Your saved search can be accessed by clicking Search and selecting Saved Property Searches.10
Nice work! Whether you want to search for auctions or exclude auctions from your searches, you’re well on your way to mastering the intricacies of Paragon Search.  If you run into any issues, or would like any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support department at 775-823-8838 or support@nnrmls.com. Thanks for reading.