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Having trouble resizing photos for your Paragon listings? The free tool I will introduce in this article will allow you to resize a photo or a group of photos in three clicks!

First, you need to download some free software; if you’re squeamish about doing so don’t read any further. Perhaps another one of our photo-resize articles that details existing software would be a better read for you; click here:
to read “Resize Photos for Paragon Using Paint” or here:
for “Resize Pictures With Free Online Resource.”

*If your computer runs Windows 7 or 8 skip this article; it only informs those using the Windows XP operating system.

How to install the Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP program:

1. Visit http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/xp-downloads#2TC=powertoys
2. Click on “Download” under the “Image Resizer “ heading.
3. Click the “Run” button in the small window that asks “Do you want to run or save this file?”



4. Click the “Next” button on the window that asks “Welcome to the install wizard for Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP.”











5. In the License Agreement window click “I accept the terms in the license agreement.”











6. In the Customer Information window enter your name and business in the User Name and Organization fields; it doesn’t really matter what you enter here as long as you enter something.











7. In the Setup Type window, choose “Complete”.











8. Click the “Install” button in the Ready to Install the Program window.











9. Click the “Finish button” in the Install wizard Completed window.









Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed the Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP and are ready to resize photos with three clicks! Read on to discover how.

How to resize photos using Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP:

1. Right click on the pictures you would like to resize
2. Click “Resize Pictures”












3. Click the “Small (fits a 640 x 480 screen)” option and click the “OK” button.










That’s it! You will now see a custom resized version of each picture that you can upload to your Paragon listing. Easy huh? It should be!