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You may have heard about this in the news over recent months; as of April 8, 2014 Microsoft will no longer provide updates or support for Windows XP. What does this mean? Microsoft will be focusing on their newer products and will not release any further security updates, enhancements or patches for Windows XP. Users of this operating system will face increased risk of security threats as well as decreased compatibility with software and drivers as other companies also stop their support.

Why should I care? Paragon is a software vendor. Currently users of Windows XP can use the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers to accomplish all of their Paragon tasks. As Paragon continues to grow and provide updates and enhancements to their software, Windows XP may no longer work even in Chrome or Firefox.

What should I do? Act now! It is better to update your system now while there is no pressure, rather than wait until things stop working! You can see if your current computer will run the latest version of Windows (8.1 as of the writing of this article.) Click here to read Option 2. There is an Upgrade Advisor in Option 2 that will determine if your current machine can handle the latest version of Windows. If not, you will have to upgrade or replace your computer. We have a blog article with tips and resources for this process.

Please take this seriously — although things are working well now in Windows XP, they won’t forever! Be proactive and update your system before Paragon becomes unavailable. If it does reach that point, the MLS will not be able to assist you.