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NNRMLS would like to make our Members aware of the upcoming Windows 10 release beginning on Wednesday, July 29th.

What is it?

Windows 10 is the newest operating system from Microsoft and falls in between Windows 8 and Windows 7 in design style and will be similar across all platforms. This will be the first time you can run the same operating system on a phone, tablet and computer — an easier upgrade than Windows 8, but still may have a slight learning curve.

How is it being released? (Not like other software installs)

The upcoming Windows 10 release will come from Windows Updates, the first time Microsoft has attempted to release software in this way. You may have already seen the Windows icon on your computer’s taskbar (bottom right of your screen).
Windows 10 IconIf clicked you will be asked to “Reserve your copy of Windows 10” which ensures you will get the upgrade as soon as possible and the necessary background files are downloaded to your computer.

This release will be coming directly from Windows, similar to an update. Please check any updates that appear on your system carefully before you agree to download, especially if you do not want to switch to Windows 10 at this time. The release can be declined.

When is it being released?

Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 in a week long process starting on Wednesday, July 29th. If you have reserved a copy and/or were involved in the testing of Windows 10, your upgrade should be on the 29th.

Internet Explorer is going away with the Windows 10 Release

The Internet Explorer browser is going to be replaced with Microsoft Edge. Microsoft claims (and there’s no reason for us to doubt) that the Edge browser will be faster and searching will be easier. Edge will have a few new features and we recommend looking at the “Meet Microsoft Edge” page so that you get the most from your new browser.

Online literature and at least one NNRMLS tech’s testing indicates that your Explorer favorites will automatically be transferred to Edge when you update to Windows 10.

Please note that Firefox and Chrome will need to be updated as needed.

What does this mean for MLS software?

While we do not yet know that our software at NNRMLS is completely compatible with Windows 10, developers of our software and the NNRMLS techs have been previewing and testing the operating system in Windows Insider Preview. We are happy to report that no serious bugs have been encountered. But please keep in mind that even though we have been testing the new environment, there are still issues that could arise due to such a major operating system upgrade.