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The September 23rd Paragon release with calendar enhancements provide members with a way to quickly view their important scheduled information and notifications within Paragon.

If you have never used the calendar on the Paragon homepage, you may reconsider in light of the enhancements now available. In the past, the calendar wasn’t heavily utilized by most of our membership, but that may change.

New enhancements include:

The default view is now set to Daily (previously the month view was default)
The daily view the first noticeable change. You can quickly glance at any upcoming events for the day. This can be extremely helpful when you and your office make use of the ability to set events based on your personal, office or firm categories.







Events can be set for Personal, Office or Firm 
(depending on account levels)

If your office is going to have an event, it can be entered into the calendar making it visible to everyone in your office. The person entering an event for your office or firm, will need to have the correct security level. If you have questions about security levels, please call our office at 823.8838.

All-Day and Recurring Events can be entered It’s easy to schedule your bi-monthly company meetings, days off or when bills are due. You can set events to recur daily, weekly, monthly, every weekday or a set number of days.

You can add hyperlinks to the calendar
Example: Add webinar invites to the Paragon calendar and have the link handy when it is needed! See the above screenshot example.

Set up alerts for Listings Due to Expire, Contact Tasks and Tours & Open Houses
Another very useful way to keep track of your business! Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the calendar to open the Calendar Options window.

Calendar Options window


You can click the desired boxes to receive alerts for Listings Due to Expire, Contact Tasks and Tours & Open Houses in your calendar.






For the complete version of the recent Paragon 5.32 release notes, please click here for the pdf. Please let us know if you have any ideas on how to improve your MLS system. Your feature request could be the next big deal coming out in a future Paragon release.