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NNRMLS is updating its listing input forms this week on May 10th. If you use templates in Instanet, the NNRMLS recommended best practice is to make sure they are current with the latest forms.

Why you need to update your templates:

If you have a template with an old form in it, and you apply that template to a new transaction, the old form will not appear in the new transaction’s form list. It is effectively “locked” away inside the template, never to be released again. You must delete it from the template and add the new form.

It’s easy to do…let’s see how:

These are instructions on how to update a template in Instanet. *The actual forms shown in this article are not the forms you will have to add to your templates for the 2018 MLS form updates.

1. Click on the SETUP gear icon on the left side of your screen, then click on TRANSACTION TEMPLATES:
Transaction Templates

2. Click the three stacked dots that correspond to the template you need to edit, and click Edit: 2b


3. You’ll easily locate the out-of-date form by looking for the message: This form has been disabled.



4. Click the three stacked dots that correspond to the disabled form and click Delete:






5. When you see the message “Are you sure you wish to delete this item?” click Yes. Repeat this process for the next form.

Are you sure you want to delete this template


6. Now add the New form, or forms, by clicking the Plus Mark that corresponds to the Forms section of your template:

7. Click the folder that matches the type of transaction your template is made for:forms folders

Make sure you’re adding the correct form for the type of transaction; Selling=Buyer, Listing=Seller, Owner and Tenant=Property Management

8. Click the round check boxes that correspond to the Forms you want to add and the and click the Add button:

9. OPTIONAL: If desired, click and drag with your mouse, the new forms into your preferred order. (This is only if you want the forms to be in a different order than they already appear)

That’s it! Your template is now saved, (there’s no “save” button when updating templates), and can be used effectively again!template-with-new-duties


Instanet Pro Tip: You don’t need to make new templates; just update your existing templates!

Next Steps:

  • Stay tuned for future blog posts from NNRMLS on:
    • The NNRMLS FAQ on what forms are changing and what those changes are.
    • Post-Launch “Did you know” series published through May
      Subjects will include:

      • What’s CIC and how it auto-calculates monthly fees
      • Green and Smart Features and Home Energy Certification
      • New Fields: Condo/Townhouse, City Limits, Team Names

EXCLUSIVE BROKER OPPORTUNITY: Invite Andrew Cristancho, the NNRMLS Director of Member Services and Training to your office for a personalized form training for your office and agent team! Click here: https://calendly.com/nornevmlsandrew to book a 30- or 60-minute training and don’t forget to specify that you want Andrew to come to you in the “Topic you’re interested in learning” section.

More Information:

NNRMLS Announcement of 2018 Forms Launch: NNRMLS Highlights New Green Fields in Upcoming Form Update
NNRMLS participates in RSAR’s “It’s Good to be Green Panel”:  NNRMLS Gives Sneak Peek of Soon-to-Be-Released Input Forms You can also watch the Facebook Live recording of February 13th’s Power-Up event here: https://www.facebook.com/33962850537/videos/10159632011790538

How do I make sure that I receive notifications from NNRMLS?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s an Instanet Template?

A template in Instanet is a group of blank forms that you add to a transaction. Using templates takes the work out of choosing which forms you need each time you create a transaction. Adding a template is also faster than adding forms individually.

Does this form update affect me?

If you are a member of the NNRMLS, regardless of your Realtor association affiliation, and you use templates with MLS listing input forms then this update affects you.

Why don’t Instanet templates update automatically?

Though we are working with our trusted Instanet partners to automate this process our teams have not yet found a viable solution to automate this process. Stay tuned!

Why should I use an Instanet template?

Using templates in Instanet make you faster and more efficient.

I thought you just updated your forms in January 2018?

NNRMLS did not update its forms in January 2018. However, the Reno-Sparks Association of Realtors did update quite a few of its forms, which affected all RSAR members and Sierra Nevada Association of Realtor members. You can read more about the RSAR update here.

To find out more about the upcoming NNRMLS form changes, contact us at support@nnrmls.com or call us at (775) 823-8838 and ask for a Tech.