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Automated Valuations Have Come To Paragon MLS

NNRMLS and Paragon have teamed up to launch Automated Valuation Models, (AVMs), in Paragon and Collaboration Center. Automated Valuations are estimated market values based on mathematical modeling of a property’s value at a specific point in time based on comparable properties and other available data. The AVMs will include the “EZ Value” from Black Knight, the “Realtors Valuation Model”
from RPR and the “Zestimate” from Zillow.

Here’s a closer look at where the AVMs show in your Paragon system:

Map Panels: 

This is a detail view that shows when the Paragon user clicks on the map pin of a listing on the Paragon map. Below the basic property details the AVMs will show. See the image below for a visual.View with map pins

The AVMs also show on the “Comparable Price Analysis” page of Pargon’s CMA. The image below shows where this page is located in the Paragon CMA workflow:CMA Presentation

Here’s a sample of what the Paragon CMA
“Comparable Price Analysis” page looks like with the AVMs enabled:
Comparable Price Analysis

The AVMs also show in the Collab Center under the Valuations tab of an individual property:Mortgage Calculator

How Do I Disable The AVMs?

AVMs aren’t for every agent and for that reason Paragon has thoughtfully engineered a simple way to disable one, two or all three of them.

Disable AVMs in Collab Center:

To disable any, or all, of the AVMs in the Collab Center, click Preferences > Collab Center > Automated Valuations, then uncheck any box corresponding to the value you don’t want to include. Don’t forget to click the Save button to save your AVM preferences. The AVMs that you uncheck will not show in your clients’ Collab Center web portal.

Collab Center

Step 1 – The AVMs for your Paragon CMA report must be disabled per report. Here’s how: First open the CMA report you’re working on, then click on the presentation that you want to edit.

Saved Presentations

Step 2 – Next click on the Presentation Setup folder, then click on the Comparable Price Analysis page, then uncheck the boxes that correspond to the AVMs you wish to disable. Don’t forget to click the Save button when you’re done with your adjustments.

Comparable Price Analysis

How Do The AVMs Get Their Valuations?

Not every AVM is the same, so below we’ve provided links to each provider’s online AVM description page or pages. We hope this information will help inform you about what goes into each proprietary algorithm.

Black Knight EZ Value: Information not currently available, this article will be updated when that changes.

REALTORS® Property Resource’s RVM: http://blog.narrpr.com/?s=RVM

Zillow’s Zestimate: https://www.zillow.com/zestimate/

To watch the video, “Paragon MLS: All About AVMs”, click here