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At NNRMLS, we understand that Data Security and Service Continuity are critical to your success. As new threats develop, our efforts to safeguard our services and data continue to evolve. A consistent component of our strategy is to keep you informed about service outages and offer suggestions on how you can protect your computer.

What is WannaCrypt? 

The WannaCrypt ransomware attack is an ongoing cyberattack of the ransomware computer worm, targeting the Microsoft Windows operating system, encrypting data and demanding ransom payments in the cryptocurrency, “bitcoin”. WannaCrypt is also known as WannaCry, and is similar in function to prior extortion-based malware. There is little evidence that those who have paid the ransom have received the decrypted data as promised by the message displayed on the desktops of infected computers. 

While the bulk of NNRMLS Services and Member Applications have not been directly affected by this cyberattack since it began on May 12, many other websites, network service providers and major companies throughout the world have been impacted. The wide reach of WannaCrypt has spread to over 150 countries, making it the largest cyberattack on record. Though the damage in the US has been relatively minor, we are aware of some service disruptions with our vendor’s networks. NNRMLS has been able to limit these disruptions and provide workarounds for the members who reached out to us for assistance. 

Make Sure your Operating System has the Latest Updates 

While we don’t anticipate a service disruption, the consensus of IT Security Professionals is that cyberattacks like WannaCrypt will occur with increased frequency in the short-term future.

NNRMLS urges members to apply all security updates for Microsoft Windows and/or Apple OS X. For more information on how to keep your operating system updated, please refer to software update links at the bottom of this article.

For more information, contact our Tech Support Team via email: support@nnrmls.com or by calling 775-823-8838.

For more information about the WannaCrypt Cyberattack, visit

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Keep your Operating System Updated
For Windows Operating Systems:
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