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The Heartbleed bug is a flaw in certain types of SSL certificates that could allow a third party to intercept personal information thought to be protected by encryption. Heartbleed-VirusSSL certificates are standard method for protecting data on the web. You have likely noticed them in use before, demonstrated by the lock-shaped icon in your web browser while you’re visiting a secure site. Some IT professionals are calling Heartbleed the most serious security threat on the Internet in years.

What do you need to know? NNRMLS has investigated our in-house servers and determined that Heartbleed does not affect our SSL implementations. We have also been able to rule out any risk for our Single-Sign-On provider and Paragon. Therefore, although servers with this vulnerability have the potential to put your personal data at risk, your information in NNRMLS is secure.

Our IT team is currently working with the remainder of our application vendors to analyze their exposure to this bug and we’ll soon let you know if any action needs to be taken to further safeguard your data.