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Google Maps have replaced Bing Maps in Paragon’s most recent patch (5.63)! Agents will now enjoy the benefits of more up-to-date maps throughout the system! Existing maps have been replaced with Google maps in Paragon, including the Collab Center (except Advanced Mapping, which will be done in a future release).

Watch for detailed tutorials on these enhancements to your Paragon MLS system in the coming days from our Tech Department!

Map views and data using Google is updated more frequently than with Bing maps. Below is a list of the changes with a brief description:

  • A new Hybrid View is available on the menu, which is a combination of Aerial and Map labelsWhen zoomed in and using the Hybrid View:
    • A 3D Tilt View (4 black tilted rectangles icon) is available which mimics the former Bird’s Eye View.
    • Street View is available and can be seen wherever blueish lines appear on the map as you hover over it with the Browse Street View (yellow person icon).
    • Agents can rotate the map 90° at a time for up to a 360° rotation (curved arrow pointing down icon).
  • Points of Interest has been updated to an on/off switch instead of selecting the various POIs that are available; all or none will be displayed.
  • Clusters of listings work differently. They appear in at least three colors based on the number of listings within the cluster (blue, yellow, and red) and the Listing Overview Panel only appears when clicking on a listing price. It will not appear when clicking on a sub-cluster.
  • Bird’s Eye View is no longer available
  • Distance measurements do not display when drawing a shape
  • The Place Marker was no longer supported by Bing and was removed during the switch to Google.
  • Polygon shapes are now represented as lines with connecting points that the agent must connect to close and complete the shape. (In Bing, the polygon appeared as a closed shape after adding the second point).
  • In Driving Directions only, the Zoom feature is no longer available but may be included in a future release/update.