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CMLX Congratulations

Four more NNRMLS Team Members have earned international designations that indicate their dedication to professionalism and to the real estate industry. Raising the bar of our team’s professional credentials is just one of many examples of the value NNRMLS brings to its membership noted CEO George Pickard.

[Reno, NV] – Creative Designer Loy Mach, Senior Support Technician Dale Lloyd, Support Technician Chris Rock and Executive Assistant Amie Duncan of Northern Nevada Regional MLS have earned an international professional credential in real estate through the Council of Multiple Listing Services, “CMLS.” Mach, Lloyd, Rock and Duncan all earned the CMLX1 Professional designation.

Dale Lloyd supports the software provided to our NNRMLS member REALTORS®. “My biggest takeaway from the CMLX1 training was the CMLS Customer Services Best Practices,” Lloyd said. He earned his CMLX1 designation in October 2020.

Creative Designer Loy Mach, who has been with NNRMLS for 12-plus years, said she enjoyed learning the history of the MLS industry. She earned her CMLX1 designation in February 2021.

Chris Rock who, because of his name, likes to joke that he is “unfortunately not a movie star,” is a self-described “tech enthusiast and proud nerd.” He says that because of this background it was only fitting that he joined the NNRMLS team as a support tech back in September 2020. “The CMLX1 certification greatly helped further my understanding of the multiple moving parts of the MLS world,” Rock said. He earned his CMLX1 designation in February 2021.

A Reno native, Amie Duncan returned to the NNRMLS in 2020 as our Executive Assistant and had previously been with the company for eight years. “Upon my return, I wanted to obtain my CMLX1 certification and jump back into the industry. I look forward to continuing my education with CMLX2 while using the resources available within the MLS community to continually improve our MLS and give our members the best experience possible,” Duncan said. She earned her CMLX1 designation in February 2021.

“The CMLX certification program is a rigorous training program that produces certified management specialists in Multiple Listing Services,” said Denee Evans, CEO of CMLS. “The men and women who make a commitment to professionalism by enrolling in this program are often the ones who help shape multiple listing services and the American real estate industry, which has become the envy of the world. I congratulate Lloyd, Mach, Rock and Duncan on their most recent accomplishment.”

This image shows a recent Facebook post in which two NNRMLS team members were recognized by CMLS for achieving their CMLX1 designations.

The CMLX program was established to build a better marketplace by empowering industry professionals with the knowledge, skills and leadership abilities they need to succeed. It is a tiered program, based loosely on a collegiate, graduate, and post-graduate system. CMLX1 and CMLXv cover subject matter related to Multiple Listing Services, “MLS.” CMLX2 improves the core competency of MLS executives. CMLX3 is a leadership-level designation for senior staff and executives.

“We’ve always encouraged our staff and executives to stay ahead of the changes taking place in the real estate industry and the local market,” NNRMLS CEO George Pickard said. “The CMLX program is one of several ways they stay up to date on the latest best practices and industry topics.”

Pickard, a CMLX2 designee himself, said he is proud that 100 percent of his team have either completed or are enrolled in the CMLS Certification program. He also noted the extraordinary commitment of many that serve on the NNRMLS Board of Trustees who have participated in the CMLXv certification specifically designed to level-up the expertise and industry knowledge of volunteer Board Members.

NNRMLS Staff who have completed CMLX certifications:

• CEO George Pickard: Completed CMLX1 and CMLX2
• Director of Marketing Andrew Cristancho: Completed CMLX1 and CMLX 2
• Senior Support Tech Dale Lloyd: Completed CMLX1
• Support Tech Chris Rock: Completed CMLX1
• Creative Designer Loy Mach: Completed CMLX1
• Executive Assistant Amie Duncan: Completed CMLX1

The remaining four NNRMLS team members are currently enrolled in CMLX1 and projected to earn designations soon!

“Our team believes in the special role that MLS plays in the real estate industry and having a team that is literally one hundred percent committed to raising the bar of their own professional credentials is just one of many examples of the value we are bringing to our membership,” Pickard said.

About CMLS:
CMLS is an association of over 200 MLSs committed to high standards of professionalism and performance. It was formed as a premier forum, advocate and resource in 1957 and has since evolved into a volunteer-led organization that is responsible for bringing the real estate industry together to build a better marketplace.

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