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Did you know that you can use ShowingTime to prevent overlapping showings?

While overlapping showings are not wrong, members have reported to NNRMLS recently that overlapping showings can lead to a serious security issue; namely the house key is not returned to the electronic lockbox after the showing and simply ‘handed over’ to the next agent.
This scenario not only poses a security issue but also could lead to:
Liability issues; if the scenario above happens and personal property goes missing the listing agent does not have a clear record of who has entered their listing at any given time.
Accountability issues; showing metrics will not be as accurate if the listing agent does not have a clear picture of when showing agents and their buyers entered and exited the listing.

How to help prevent overlapping showings using ShowingTime:

Set the ShowingTime appointment restriction for Allow Scheduling Overlaps to “No, exclusive appointment requests only.”
When the Exclusive Appointments Only setting is configured, as shown in the image below an agent will be prevented from scheduling a showing that occurs right next to the previous appointment.

ShowingTime also allows for a “buffer time” to be set that can further prevent appointments from occurring back-to-back. This setting appears underneath the Scheduling Overlap restriction mentioned above.
The buffer time can be set between 15 to 90 minutes to increase the time in between appointments.
For convenience, the listing agent can override this buffer period when scheduling on behalf of another agent.

Click here to watch a short how-to video.

We realize no amount of programing will prevent every overlapping showing, sometimes showings run long and other times showing appointments show up early. In some cases the listing agent and seller might have a valid business case to conduct overlapping appointments. Whatever the need, keep in mind it is considered a best practice and professional standard to always return the key to the Supra lockbox after your showing and not simply ‘hand-off’ your key to the next agent. Your Supra key transmits data via the Internet to Supra’s wireless information network, giving decision-making advantages only real-time information can provide. This information is lost if buyers agents just ‘hand the house key over’ to the next agent.
The Supra iBox includes a large key container that is easy to access for anyone using a Supra eKEY.

Additional Resources:
NAR Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual, included “Pathways to Professionalism” on page vii
ShowingTime help and support page, must be logged into the Launchpad to access
Log into Supra’s SupraKim website

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