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You can use ShowingAssist to add restrictions to your listings’ showing schedules. Although there is no global setting (a setting that would for example block Sundays for all of your listings), you can add restrictions on a per property basis.
Here’s how to do that:
1. In Paragon click on the Preferences icon
2. Under the yellow Preferences heading click on Third Party
3. If you get a message that says “Update your personal information–Your profile has not been updated in a while. Would you like to review it now?” click the “Remind Me Later” button.
4. Click on Listing Setup
5. Double-click on a listing
6. Scroll down to the Showing Restrictions heading and click on “Add New Showing Restrictions+”
7. Here you have a choice; you can add a timed restriction or an all-day Restriction, and you can choose if you want them to be a one-time restriction or a repeating restriction

8. For an all-day repeating restriction:

  • Click the “All-Day Restriction” radial
  • Click the “Repeating restriction” radial
  • Click inside the Start Date field and pick the desired start date from the calendar
  • Click inside the End Date field and pick the desired end date from the calendar
  • Click the check box that corresponds to the date you want to exclude from showing

8.  For a timed one-time restriction:

  • Click on the “Timed Restriction” radial
  • Click inside the “Start Time” field & pick a time
  • Click inside the “End Time” field & pick a time
  • Click the “One-time restriction” radial
  •  Click inside the “Date” field & pick a date

9. Click the “Save Showing Restriction” button

*Please note: You can also schedule an all-day one-time restriction or a timed repeating restriction.*

That’s it! You’re done, nice job!

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to leave a comment!


Andrew Cristancho

NNRMLS Help Desk Representative