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If you’re a REALTOR; you’ve either heard of someone this happened to or done it yourself: You’re almost done with entering a new listing into the Paragon MLS system, you get interrupted and when you come back your listing is gone, vanished and never to be recovered.

session timer

Paragon times out after an hour and a minute of inactivity,and there are 125 input fields in a listing, (91 of those, on average, are required), so save yourself a headache and use Paragon’s Partial Listings feature to save your listing as you enter it.

Input Fields





PLEASE NOTE: This method is not to be used in lieu of a Seller’s Waiver of MLS Benefits form!

Other reasons to use Partial Listings:

1. You have time to enter the listing now, but you’re waiting for an important element such as the pictures to be completed. Enter most of it now and add the pictures later!
Note: You’re not required to enter a picture to save a Partial Listing.

2. More editing options are available after saving as a Partial Listing; such as uploading multiple pictures, viewing a detail report of your not-yet-published listing and adding associated documents.









Things to watch out for:

1. This is the most important thing to remember! Don’t forget this one!
listing date


When converting from a partial listing to a full listing…change the listing date!
It will not change by itself, which can cause all sorts of problems, from you receiving a late-listing fine to skewed days-on-market count. The fine can usually be excused if it’s an honest mistake…but who needs the headache?!

2. Validate the map — not doing so could cause your listing not to show in a map search! Validate map link


Click this link to read “Make Sure To Geocode Your Listing!” to learn how. The article is a short and easy read. If you don’t validate the map on the first Partial Save the link disappears. Don’t worry –it will reappear after you save the listing as the “full” listing, and then you’ll have another opportunity to “geocode” it.

3. Enter a Street Designation. Address field

Street designationIf you don’t do this upon initial listing entry the extra field will disappear and you’ll be forced to enter it into the street name field, which may or may not hinder search-by-address name searches.

Okay…now that I’ve told you what is good about Partial Listings
and what can go wrong with them —
it’s time to show you how to create one! Here’s how:

In Paragon’s Listing Input screen, look for the five fields, (all classes have five required for Partials except for Multi-Family, which has four), that have a blue-colored box with a “P” inside of it. These fields are:
Type of Property type





Listing Date & Expiration Date

Listing and Expiration date



Fill in these fields and click the Save button located in the light blue toolbar, then in the resulting dropdown menu click “Save As Partial Listing.”

Save as Partial

Now your listing will be saved for future input. You can reopen your Partial Listings to maintain them, by clicking on Paragon’s Search icon, located at the top of the page and clicking on the “Partials” link under the yellow-colored “Maintain” heading in the resulting drop-down menu.






Then you can access your list of Partial Listings.

list of partials

Now you can open your Partial Listing and enter the remaining data, saving as a Partial often to ensure you don’t lose any information. When you’re done, simply click the Save button one more time, then the “Save Listing” from the resulting drop-down.

Save Listing



We hope this feature creates a more enjoyable listing input process for you. Let us know how you benefit from saving listings as partials, or how the process could be improved.