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Here’s a super-easy way to get yourself noticed by potential clients and set yourself apart from the competition: Create a CMA with your phone!

That’s right — you know CMA’s — AKA: Comparative Market Analysis? Those reports that traditionally take hours to create? Now you can make one and get it to your potential sellers in under 5 minutes!

How to create a CMA with your phone:

  • Access your email account that you have on file with NNRMLS. Create a new email and in the recipient line, (“To:“), type CMA@cloudcma.com
  • In the Subject line type the name of your client, (this content will appear in the CMA as “Prepared for Client Name”)
  • In the body of the email enter the full address of the property including the city, state and zip code. The picture below shows a sample of the description above:

cma from your phone 2

  • Now, here comes the magic: Hit the send button and wait — it should only take about 1-3 minutes. You will receive a full-featured customized CMA delivered back into your email inbox, which you can now forward to your client.





Here’s what the email will look like in a list of emails when it arrives:

cma from your phone 3












Here’s a look at what the email looks like when opened:

cma from your phone 4












This is the first page of the CMA we just generated from our phone:

cma from your phone 5












Things you might want answers to after reading this article:

1. Seems too easy? How can this CMA be an accurate valuation?

Answer: True, generating a CMA using this method will not be the most accurate method for valuing a property, but you must consider because it’s so fast, it relies on a computer-generated valuation model. Of course it’s not your final say on the value of the property — but what an excellent place to start with someone who might mention they’re thinking of selling.

2. Will this cost anything?

Answer: No: Well, in full disclosure, yes, but the cost of CloudCMA is all “baked into” your monthly MLS dues. You already have full access to this innovative real estate technology and will not be charged no matter how many reports you generate from your phone!

3. Do I have to log into CloudCMA to do this?

Answer: No

4. Can I generate any other CloudCMA reports from my phone?

Answer: Yes! In addition to the CMA, you can generate a Property Report, (by sending the email to property@cloudcma.com), a Flyer, (by sending the email to flyer@cloudcma.com), and a Buyer Tour, (by sending the email to tour@cloudcma.com).

5. How does CloudCMA know what format I want for my CMA?

Answer: The format (the customization; fonts, color, layout), that appears on your CMA will be the format you used in your latest CMA report.

6. Can I edit my CMA after I create it from my email?

Answer: You bet your average asking price you can! Simply log into CloudCMA via your NNRMLS Launchpad, click on the CMA button, locate the CMA you created from your phone and click edit.

7. Do I have to use my phone?

Answer: Nope! You can use whatever device you’re able to access your email from! Simple…let’s keep it that way!