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Many of you have read the blog post we released earlier about emailing your existing zipForm transactions into Instanet – http://nnrmlsblog.com/how-to-email-your-existing-zipforms-transactions-into-instanet/ However, this method doesn’t work if you do NOT use Outlook as your email provider.

If you do NOT use Outlook as your email provider, please read additional directions below on how to move your transactions into Instanet. Note: These instructions are for Instanet Lite. If you have upgraded from the “Lite” to the “Pro” version, please click on the blue “Lite” button on the top right of the Instanet dashboard and follow the instructions specific to the “Lite” version.

Archive zipForms transactions and upload into Instanet:
Step 1 – Archive old transactions out of zipForm:
1. Open the transaction in zipForm.
2. Click on the “Save as PDF button”.
3. Check all files in the transaction you want to save. If all files are needed, choose the “Select All” button.
4. Pick either “Separate files” or “Single file” for the PDF. If you choose separate files, a .zip file will be saved with the other files inside it.
5. Click “Save to Computer”.
6. Navigate to where you would like to save the files. My Documents is a common choice.
7. Repeat for all transactions you would like to save from zipForm.

Step 2 – Pull active transactions out of zipForm and upload into Instanet:

1. Follow the steps above for archiving until step 4.
2. If there are forms that need a signature, “Separate files” is the best choice. If you just want a record of the transaction, “Single file” would be best.
3. Click “Save to Computer”.
4. Navigate to an easy to find folder. Some users create a folder named “Temporary” on their desktop for this. (Right-click on a blank space, then New > Folder).
5. Repeat for active transactions, choosing single or separate files as required for each particular transaction. If all files are needed, choose the “Select All” button.
6. Do a search in Paragon for the active property you want to transfer to Instanet.
7. Open the property in “MLS All Fields” reports.
8. Click on the blue E icon near the History and Map buttons.
9. Wait for Instanet to open, create the transaction and import the data.
10. Click on the grey tab titled “Documents”.
11. Make sure the drop down next to “I would like to” reads “Upload Document”.
12. Click on the blue arrow pointing right.
13. Click on the grey “Add” button near the bottom.
14. Navigate to the folder you are using to keep the forms from zipForm for this document
15. Click on one form to highlight it.
16. Click on “Open”.
17. Click on the blue button on the bottom right. (It has an arrow pointing up from a circle) (Just to the right is a white X which will cancel this process).

To upload multiple files:
If there are multiple files to upload to a specific transaction, repeat steps 11 through 17 for each file.

To upload for separate transactions:
For separate transactions repeat steps 6 through 17. Doing multiple uploads is required.

If you have any questions or issues while going through these steps, please give us a call at 823-8838 and one of the techs would be glad to help you, or you can email us: support@nnrmls.com