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In conjunction with the release of the new Launchpad, members may have noticed a new option in Instanet. You still have Lite and Pro, but you also have the option to access the NEW version of Transaction Desk.Instanet-Click-Here



Instanet Video ScreenThis NEW Version will ultimately replace both Lite and Pro, giving members one dashboard-based TransactionDesk that utilizes the best features of the old system while bringing on a new, more streamlined, user-friendly look and feel.

New features you can look forward to:

  • Find what you need with fewer clicks
  • Access recently created transactions, forms and signings all from the new dashboard
  • Customize the dashboard according to your preferences
  • More mobile device and touch friendly – easier to use on the go
  • Features “Drag & Drop” upload of your files
  • New checklists to help with organization
  • Improved, powerful brokerage file management tools

Instanet Video Screen2

Some important things to remember as you move to the new TransactionDesk:

All of your transactions, forms, documents and data will be in the new system. It is the exact same database, only the interface (the look and feel) is different. But, if you would like to still use the old system, you can! And until November 15, 2016, you can even switch back and forth between the old and new interfaces with everything you create available in both versions, except the Quick Start Groups. These have been merged with Transaction Templates and saved as Templates in the new system.

There is a huge tutorial video library available for you to use within Instanet:

All MLSU Instanet Classes will be taught in the NEW Version. Click here
to see the class schedule.

So give it a try! Right now, members can give the new version a try, but still have the option to move back into the more familiar version as needed. The system will default you back into the version in which you were previously working each time you login. We encourage you to get familiar with the new version, since its streamlined interface and improved flow is being praised by REALTORS across the country.

In August, the system will default members into the new version at login, regardless of which version they were previously using as an attempt to further encourage adoption while there is still a familiar fall-back during the learning process. On November 15, 2016 the Lite and Pro Versions of Instanet will be disabled and the new version will become the only version.

As always, our techs are here to help you! Call us at 823.8838 or email us: support@nnrmls.com