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When you transfer offices you will start by filling out paperwork with your local Association who will then notify us of the change. Once your Association receives the paperwork, it can take up to 24 hours for you to be transferred to your new office in Paragon. MLS-Only members can contact the NNRMLS office directly with transfer information at amie@nnrmls.com

All listings that you are taking with you must be withdrawn by your former broker then listed as new (with new paperwork) at your new office. If you are transferring to a different branch within the same firm, a Listing Transfer Form must be completed (for each listing) with the former broker signature. The listing transfer form can be found in the Other Forms folder of MLS Documents. Once completed the form can be emailed to our office at info@nnrmls.com or faxed to (775) 823-8809. NNRMLS cannot transfer a listing that has been marked as withdrawn, sold or expired.

In Paragon, your contacts, auto-emails, CMA presentations and saved searches will not be affected by the transfer process. The contents of your Email Signature and your Standard Message Body will be preserved, but will not change, when the transfer occurs. Be advised that you should prepare for this and update your “Default” email signature to reflect the changes made by the transfer. This can be done by you any time before or after the transfer. Please contact our tech team if you would like help updating your email signature at support@nnrmls.com or (775) 823-8838.

After you transfer we recommend that you run Paragon’s Preferences Wizard to ensure your Paragon account is personalized to you and your brand. To run the Preferences Wizard, click the Preferences icon in Paragon, then click on the Preferences Wizard under the “System” heading. Click the Start button to begin advancing through the 13 slides that allow you to customize and brand Paragon. If you get stuck you can contact us, or click here: http://p4help.fnismls.com/p5/user/pages/video/footage/user_preferences/user_preferences.html  To watch a how-to video, or you can read the LPS quick start guide by clicking here: http://producthelp.lpsreg.com/p5/user/pages/guides/pdf/user_preferences.pdf

If you have a website containing MLS listings, you will need to have your website information transferred. You will need to be removed from your former broker’s Broker Reciprocity contract and create a new contract with your new broker. Contact idx@nnrmls.com for information regarding your website.

Your NNRMLS account must be current in order for your transfer to be completed. If you are on Auto Pay when you transfer please email Amie VanClute at amiev@nnrmls.com to check the status of your auto payment. 

As always, feel free to contact our office with any questions at (775) 823-8838.