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TransactionDesk updates for July 2021

Enhancements to TransactionDesk:
Add Variable Clauses to Form Templates: We’ve enhanced the way variable clauses are saved in templates.
Now, when variable clauses are added to form templates, they will be saved as variables and can be updated later when details are known. When adding a variable clause to a template, the date/time will display as a placeholder.

When a transaction is created using a template that has a form with a variable clause, you will be prompted to set the date and time.

Clicking on the yellow banner message or the clause text will allow you to set the date/time of the clause.

Email Upload now populates the subject line with the transaction name: When sending an email using the Email Upload, the subject line will now include the transactions name.

Fixes to TransactionDesk:
1) Documents error: Corrected an issue where performing ‘basket’ actions (such as merge) on some documents was causing an error for certain users.
2) Add to Address Book: Corrected an issue where checking “Add to Address Book” while editing an existing contact, prevents the contact from being added.
3) Out-of-date forms warning: Corrected an issue where the “Out-of-date Forms Warning” was difficult to read.
4) Forms issue: Corrected an issue where the “&” dropdown was not visible on certain forms.