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#1 — Beware of zipForm Renewal Pop-Up

Between now and December 31st, when you log into zipForm, you will get the pop-up screen pictured below. This is because Instanet Solutions has been chosen as the new Forms/Transaction Desk provider and RSAR forms will no longer be available in zipForm as of December 31, 2014.

Screenshot of Instanet Pop-up

It is extremely important that you click/choose “Renew Later.”Renew Later

“Renew Later” will allow you to continue to access to zipForm (and your in-progress transactions) until the end of December 31st, 2014. Clicking “Renew Now” may eliminate the RSAR forms library causing you to have access to the system but without the forms you would expect to find.
Also, there will be a cost to renewing your zipForm subscription; Instanet Solutions is provided to members of the Reno/Sparks Association of REALTORS, Sierra Nevada Association of REALTORS and the Northern Nevada Regional MLS at no additional fee.

#2 — Save the zipForm transactions you want to keep!

After December 31st, you will no longer have access to your in-progress transactions in zipForm. Save the transactions you want to keep as PDFs to your personal computer for easy retrieval. You can import the saved PDFs into Instanet by following these steps. Do you need to transfer every existing transaction to Instanet? No, this is not always necessary. Feel free to call our Tech Dept for help in making this decision.

#3 — Finally, why are we switching to Instanet? 

  • Instanet interacts with Paragon auto-magically
    Information on your form will flow into a new partially-saved listing in Paragon saving you time, effort and reducing chance to error. Also, when you’re ready to write an offer, simply open an auto-filled “Offer and Acceptance” from the Listing Detail in Paragon. This technology is not available in zipForm.
  • Digital Signatures as a Member Service. Authentisign is a digital signature platform that is fully integrated with Instanet and DocBox, and best of all, is available to all NNRMLS members at no additional charge.
  • Instanet can create transactions from MLS or County Tax Records. This data is used to populate related fields on all forms, saving NNRMLS members the time it took to create cover sheets in zipForm.
  •  DocBox is a rich document management solution allowing for Instanet forms and non-native documents and images to flow in and out of cloud-based storage from multiple channels (fax, email, web).
We recognize that change is difficult. We have put together some important resources:
Instanet Survival Guide: Your On-Demand Navigation Help

We are happy to help you navigate through this process. Please call the Tech Team with your questions @ 775.823.8838 or email support@nnrmls.com

Remember: You will no longer have access to zipForm after December 31, 2014.