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Hello Paragon users!

Have you tried to log into Paragon and found a scroll bar in the password field?

It looks like this if you’re using Internet Explorer as your browser:

When this happens you won’t be able to log in until we somehow exorcize those pesky scroll bars.

Following are are a few ways to correct this issue:
1. Hold down your computer keyboard’s “Ctrl” key and the tap the “+” key.

-if that doesn’t work:
2. In Internet Explorer, click on the “Page” button, then click on “Zoom” and make sure that is set at “100%”

-if that doesn’t work:
3. In Internet Explorer click on “View” in the browser’s “menu bar,” then click on “Zoom,” then click on “100%.”

-if that doesn’t work:
Contact the NNRMLS at 775-823-8838 or support@nnrmls.zendesk.com

Please note: The NNRMLS tech team is aware of a similar issue to this one that affects Mozilla Firefox users. The fix is not the same as the advice above. That error looks like this:

-and will likely be the subject of a future post!

Thanks for reading, I hope this post helps to make your life just a little easier!