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Paragon MLS is Innovating the Way Agents Do Business: 5.80 Early – Winter 2020 Updates

NNRMLS is pleased to help you stay updated on the latest enhancements to your Paragon MLS System. All enhancements are designed to help you navigate the system more easily to improve your Paragon MLS experience. Below we have provided a detailed description for the enhancements and new features. Check out this highlight video that walks you through the updates! read more…

Paragon is Innovating the Way Agents Do Business: 5.79 Fall 2020 Updates

NNRMLS is pleased to help you stay updated on the latest enhancements to your Paragon MLS System. All enhancements are designed to help you navigate through the system and enhance your experience with Paragon. Below is a list of the enhancements of the new features for Fall 2020. We encourage you to let us know what you think on the Paragon MLS Facebook page. Make sure you click “Like” on the Facebook site to view what’s new with Paragon. Here’s a short video detailing the enhancements that are also mentioned below:
Paragon 5.79 Video

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Paragon Connect: One Database Means Real-Time Results

Whether you’re searching for and saving listings, or adding and collaborating with your contacts, you can save in Paragon Online and can take it on the road with you! This week we are focusing on how Paragon Connect and Paragon Online use the same database. When you are on the run you can complete tasks in Paragon Connect that will update the database immediately in Paragon Online as well, and vice versa. Don’t forget to visit the ParagonMLS Facebook page and Paragon MLS on Instagram where new Paragon Connect tips are posted every  week. read more…

NNRMLS Rules Adjustment Clarifies List Date

Your MLS now accepts “commencing date” as the list date for listings entered into the Paragon system. The Northern Nevada Regional MLS Board of Trustees approved the rule modification during a recent board meeting in order to clarify when a listing must be submitted to the MLS system, and in preparation of annual form changes by its Shareholders; Reno-Sparks Association of REALTORS® and Sierra Nevada REALTORS® in January 2021. read more…

Value of the MLS: Best Practice Series – Coming Soon

Welcome to the new NNRMLS series called, “Value of the MLS: Best Practices”. In this post we will specifically address the “Coming Soon” status and include some best-practices, up-to-date statistics and a little history on how we developed the Coming Soon status at NNRMLS.

Please take a moment to complete our Coming Soon survey

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How To Use The MLS Tax Suite’s Home Improvement Pricing Tool

Did you know the MLS Tax Suite by CRS Data includes a Home Improvement Adjustment tool that makes it easy and fun to estimate the value of home improvements? Here’s a video tutorial, (courtesy CRS Data), so you can quickly see just how easy they’ve made it. From kitchen upgrades to high-end bathroom renovations, you can find an accurate estimate for all types of projects. Here’s how:

Northern Nevada Regional MLS Announces New CEO

Search Committee Promotes From Within

Reno, Nevada, July 2020 — The Northern Nevada Regional Multiple Listing Service, (NNRMLS), is pleased to announce George Pickard, the organization’s current CTO, as the new Chief Executive Officer beginning on August 1, 2020. Pickard previously served NNRMLS as Chief Technology Officer, working in concert with two previous CEOs to develop, communicate and implement the company vision. read more…