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Showcase beautiful search results while you’re on the go!

Many of you are on the go and use your phones for everything – why not use Cloud MLX on your phone to text your clients impressive-looking MLS search results?

Here’s how:

Open your phone’s Internet window (mobile browser), and navigate to your NNRMLS Launchpad – the web address is: launchpad.nnrmls.com. Log into your NNRMLS Launchpad.

On the Launchpad, click the Cloud MLX logo in the MLS Services section:

     Click the Cloud icon

Run a new search, (not shown here), or find the saved search you’d like to share. Click the “fly-out” menu icon, (it looks like a little box with an arrow coming out of it). A menu of choices will pop out under the search, click on Copy Public Link:

You will then see the words Link Copied where you just tapped. Now navigate to your text messaging app and start a new message to your client, hold your finger down in the text message window until you see a prompt that says Paste:

Paste copied text in new message

Click the word Paste to add the link to your text, then add a personal message to your client and click send:

Paste link and type a message to your client

Your client will receive the text with the link in it – it will look something like the image below:

What the client sees

When your client clicks the Cloud MLX link they will be presented with their search results in a beautiful, easy-to-use format that shows big, clear listing photos and robust listing information. The search is automatically branded to you with your easy-to-access contact information.

Beautiful search results branded to you

Did you like this tutorial? You can learn a lot more of these kinds of tips and tricks about all of your Cloud services, (Cloud MLX, Cloud Streams and Cloud CMA), by coming to our upcoming Cloud Classes, (“Cloud Agent Suite: Learn Cloud MLX, CMA & Streams”), held at your local Realtor association office!

Cloud’s renown trainer, Ricardo Bueno, will hold three classes in Reno and three classes in Carson City over two days:

Click here to register for the Monday, November 13th Reno classes.

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