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Image of Amy ShocketWe are delighted to welcome guest blogger, Amy Shocket, ABR, CRS, GRI, PMN. Amy is currently serving as a Trustee on the NNRMLS Board of Trustees and as Vice-Chair of the Risk Reduction Committee. Always striving for excellence, Amy has obtained industry designations that are earned with extensive education and industry performance standards.

Take-a-NumberHow many times have you pulled up to a home with your clients at your scheduled showing appointment time only to find other agents there? Does it feel like there should be one of those number-takers like the ones found at the local meat market?  Perhaps one agent and their clients are in the house and another is waiting on the driveway with their clients. What it the proper etiquette in these situations? What is the safest way to deal with the lockbox key and passing it along to the next group in line?

Let’s start with showing safety first as this is key whether there are multiple agents waiting to show or not.  When you access a property by obtaining the key from the lockbox you and your clients should enter the property cautiously. You should always take the key out of the door and carry it with you and lock the door behind you. When you exit the property if there is another agent waiting, the proper procedure would be for you to put the key back into the lockbox and let the agent following you retrieve the key. This has a two-fold benefit: The listing agent will then know all agents that entered the property and who was in the property last. It will also ensure that the person wanting to go in behind you is an actual agent and has the correct credentials to open the lockbox.

So what is proper etiquette for showing when there are multiple groups waiting to go in? Let’s start with the agent and their clients that are in the house already. They have the right to see the house and its features. The agent waiting should remain patiently out front, please no banging on the door. For the agent in the house, if you know another agent and their clients are waiting outside, be mindful of everyone’s time. As you arrive and there are other groups waiting, it is most appropriate to enter in the order you arrive. Telling the groups waiting that you had an appointment before them does not give you the right to barge ahead! Be mindful that they have been waiting. The key is that everyone’s time is valuable and given the current market conditions everyone will have the opportunity to see the property.