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supraThe Supra® eKEY® app is now compatible with the BlackBerry® PRIV™. The BlackBerry PRIV is a new BlackBerry smartphone that runs on the Android™ OS. The Supra eKEY app for Android OS devices is available on the Google Play™ Store.

If you already have the eKEY app and would like to switch to using it on the BlackBerry PRIV, first download the app. Then go to www.supraekey.com, log into the SupraWEB agent website and select the Authorization Code link. As soon as you enter the code into your new device, your eKEY service is officially transferred to your new device.

If you are interested in using the eKEY app, you can download it and try it out in demo mode. New to the eKEY app? Contact your association about signing up to use eKEY.

For more information on compatible eKEY smartphones and tablets, see Supra’s Compatible eKEY App devices document.