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We are going through the Eight things new users want to know about RPR Residential for new users series, highlighting 2 topics at a time. These are straightforward “how-to’s” covering everything from simple searches, to gathering data on schools and neighborhoods, mapping, and our ever-popular RPR reports. Each article includes a breakdown of what you can expect from RPR and how to easily incorporate RPR tools and features into your everyday business operations.  This time we will cover Spot-On Property Pricing and How to Find the Right Neighborhood for your BuyersLast time we covered Searching Your Subject Property and Sizing Up the Property Details Page (Click here to read)

RPR is a benefit of the National Association of REALTORS®, which means it’s already included in your annual dues.

Spot-On Property Pricing

In the full article, RPR shares in detail four tools that will help an agent refine the value of a property, use the platform’s flexible comp analysis tool, create a Sales Comparative Analysis and Valuation Workbook for harder-to-price properties, and run a real-time analysis for investment properties.

The 4 tools:

  1. Refine Value Tool Video
  2. Comp Analysis Video
  3. Sales Comparative Analysis and Valuation Workbook Article
  4. Investment Analysis Video

Read the full article here


Finding the Right Neighborhood for Your Buyer

Finding the right neighborhood for your buyer

Helping customers find the right neighborhood is easy thanks to the housing, demographic and economic data found within RPR. Here you’ll see a list of the available tabs and in the full article you will run you through the basics on how to help your clients find a home near desired amenities and within commutable distances. You’ll also find out how to run a neighborhood report summarizing economic, housing, demographic and quality of life information about an area (plus more).

Here are the 5 tabs you will find on the Neighborhood Page:

  1. Summary
  2. Housing
  3. People
  4. Economy
  5. Quality of Life

These navigation tabs are discussed in detail in the full article 

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*Text was taken primarily from recent RPR Blog articles