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Due to overwhelming agent demand and a desire for the safest possible showings for all concerned, ShowingTime will be updating all current listings and the default for new listings to be No Overlapping Showings so that by default two showing agents won’t be scheduled to be in the same property at the same time. Agents and offices can change their defaults later when or if they deem it appropriate, but we want to make sure that the default assumption on any listings in the ShowingTime system is no overlap unless specifically designated by the listing agent or listing office.

Showingtime is updating a page daily with details of the impact of COVID-19 on showings here: https://www.showingtime.com/impact-of-coronavirus/. It is continuously monitored to keep MLSs, Brokers, and Agents updated with the latest information.

NNRMLS is grateful that Showingtime is working hard to keep you informed and safe during these trying times.