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As a real estate agent, keeping your showings organized by buyers just makes sense. The ShowingTime for the MLS latest update allows you to add your buyer to a showing for your personal reference only, making it easier to keep track of upcoming and past showings.

Adding A Buyer Is Easy

When scheduling a showing, just select a buyer from your private client list or quickly add a new one on the fly. Forgot to add your client? You can also add your buyer’s name to past showings for more accurate reporting.

Remember that adding your buyers to showings is optional and the step of adding a buyer can always be skipped.




Finding the perfect home for a buyer can take some time. Once the appointments are confirmed, and after the feedback has been submitted, it can be difficult to remember which homes were shown. ShowingTime’s new Buyer Feature allows you to include your buyer’s names when scheduling appointments or tours which allows you to quickly locate those listings to review when needed. Being able to connect all the listings with the buyers can help you and your office discover trends that can lead to more sales.

A new client contact can be added as easily as typing their first and last name. This allows tracking of all the tours and individual appointments that you have shown to your client. We recommend that you enter the other details, to prevent confusion later. The email address, phone number, and any additional notes can be useful for future contact. Buyers can be added to appointments, when using ShowingCart, (The ShowingTime Buyer Tour service), or when scheduling an appointment on desktop or your mobile device.


You’re in total control of your clients’ information. Your buyers’ name email and phone number are always private and are not revealed to the listing agentSee additional FAQ’s for Buyers

Adding Buyer Details — Desktop/Laptop

First, locate the Buyers or My Clients section in your ShowingTime software. From Paragon, click on Preferences then click on Third Party from the first column of the drop-down menu:

Then click on Contacts and add a new buyer by clicking on the Add New Buyer button:

In the following window:

  • Step 1: Add the buyers’ first and last name
  • Step 2: Add a phone number and/or email address. You can also add notes
  • Step 3: Save your Buyer by clicking the Create button

Once saved, this information will be available for you to use on any of your devices while scheduling an appointment.

Add a Buyer While Scheduling a Single Showing

Go to a listing and click on the “Schedule a Showing” link:
Review your profile details and click the “Schedule a Single Showing” button at the bottom of the window:
Then pick a date and time from the calendar that appears:

Now, enter the type of the appointment and the time you think the appointment will be over. Then enter the name of a new buyer or choose from the list of buyers you have already entered. When you are done, click Yes.

*NOTE: Your buyer’s identity will not be revealed to the listing agent!

As you add your buyers to showings, you’ll be able to notice trends according to what listings they’ve seen and help them to narrow their search and clarify features. When you attach the buyer’s name to showings you can see the hidden attributes the listings shared with your clients.

Here’s how to better understand your buyer’s behavior:

Go to ShowingTime within your Paragon account and click on Contacts. You can search for the specific buyer by name or email address with the Search window in the upper-right. You can also edit your buyer’s info by clicking the edit (pencil) tool to update their details.

Once you find the buyer you’re looking for you’ll be able to see, at a glance, the Appointments and Tours for the buyers. Clicking on the showing or tours will reveal the listings that were shown and the date and time of the scheduled appointments.st13

Showings I Requested Report

As an agent, the Showings I Requested report can be an invaluable tool to keep track of your activities for the day or next few days. You can view attachments such as disclosures, or modify the appointment details. This report can also be used to show only the listings that you will be showing a specific buyer.

To find this report; start in Paragon and click on Preferences, then Third Party:

Click on Reports, then the “Showings I Have RequestedRun Report:
At the top of the screen, next to the date range boxes you will see the Buyer Filter. You can click the drop-down list to see all of the buyers or search for one in particular. Based on the date range you choose, the appointments that you will accompany the buyer on will be shown.

Below you can see all of the listings that one particular buyer has seen.

ShowingTime for the MLS contributed to this article. If you would like to read the source materials for this article, which includes how to set this process up in the ShowingTime Mobile App click here.