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The NNRMLS automated showing appointment software, ShowingTime, is a great mobile app loaded with tools that will prove beneficial to our Members. Upgrades were showcased at our August 2015 Participants’ meeting and Mobile MLS App launch.

Among the innovative ShowingTime features unveiled were:

  • Seamless integration with Goomzee, the newest NNRMLS mobile product
  • The ability to request and confirm showings on the fly
  • Push notifications that instantly let you know about requests and confirmations
  • Even if you use a different showing service, you can still take advantage of the app as a showing agent!

What does default to “ON” mean to you?

All of your listings will have the “Schedule a Showing” link displayed on all Paragon detail reports (See screenshot below) beginning August 26th.

ShowingTime Link Example

NNRMLS realizes that in order to assist our Members in lowering the barriers to connecting buyers and sellers, we will default/enable the ShowingTime service to “ON” for all listings starting August 26, 2015. This will give showing agents more options to schedule showings on your listings – they will be able to click the “Schedule a Showing” link.

What do you need to do in preparation of this change? 

If you have already turned ShowingTime “ON” for your listings and updated your settings, you don’t have to do anything at this time.

If you use an alternate showing service that you like, it’s okay! ShowingTime can be part of your front-end showing system while handing the request off to your current showing system behind the scenes. The integration is seamless and ShowingTime will work with any other showing service.

If you have not turned on ShowingTime:

  • Determine if you are using ShowingTime as your only showing service, or if you’re going to be using it as a supporting system to your current system.
  • If you are using ShowingTime as your only showing service then you will need to update your profile. You can email support@nnrmls.com to receive help.
  • If you will be using ShowingTime as a supporting system, and you do
    not want to change your current showing appointment provider, email andrew@nnrmls.com so he can have all showing requests downloaded to your current showing appointment provider. You don’t need to do anything else, not even a settings update!

Turn Off ShowingTime / Office Exemptions 

If you would like to turn ShowingTime off, you can do so easily by individual listing, or for all of your listings at once. If you would like your office to be exempt from the default of “ON” for ShowingTime, please email support@nnrmls.com.

Would you like more information? Feel free to email NNRMLS Director of Member Services, Andrew Cristancho, at andrew@nnrmls.com.

Video Help

How do I access my ShowingTime for the MLS program from Paragon? Click this sentence to watch how to find ShowingTime.

How do I turn off one listing at a time? Click this sentence to watch how to disable ShowingTime on individual listings.

I’m a Broker; how do I turn ShowingTime “on” and “off” for my entire office? Click this sentence to watch how to enable and disable ShowingTime for all of the listings in your office.