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SFR, an abbreviation for “Single Family Residence” has taken the place of the abbreviation S/SB, which stands for “Site Stick Built,” in the “Type of Property” field in the Paragon MLS system.

You will see this change when searching for properties and when entering a listing in Paragon MLS.
When searching for listings you will notice that you can now type “SFR” into the “Type of Property” field and SFR – Single Family Residence will auto-fill into the criteria field.

This image illustrates how a Paragon user can easily type in the “SFR” abbreviation for Single Family Residence to initiate the auto-fill process

In addition, you will see the term Single Family Residence while viewing a list of search results and while inputting a listing into Paragon.
While Site Stick Built is no longer how we define “Types” of residential listings it will still be a searchable identifier under “Construction” in Paragon. Also, when agents are entering SFR listings they will be able to further refine their property’s description with the “Construction” drop-down menu which will include Site/Stick-Built among other options.

This image depicts the Construction drop-down menu available for agents entering listings into Paragon MLS

This change now matches the abbreviation, SFR, with the actual term Single Family Residence, which changed in the “Type of Property” field in 2020.
Also of note; the April 2021 release of the NNRMLS Residential Listing Input Form aligns with Paragon changes clearly delineating Single Family Residence as the Type of Property and grouping the sub-type Site/Stick-Built under Construction.

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