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Having trouble sending Paragon’s CMA Summary using email? Read on to find a solution…

Here’s how:
1. In Paragon bring up a spreadsheet of a listing or group of listings that you want to send.
2. Click the Email button in the light-blue toolbar.CMA via email 1a








3. Under the Select Email Type heading in the E-mail Report window click the bubble next to Attachment (PDF), then you’ll be able to find the CMA Summary in the Available Reports section.

4. Add the CMA Summary by clicking its checkbox, click the Add button in the middle of the window to add it to the Selected Reports section. Once it appears there, click the Email button.CMA via email 2










CMA via email 3














5. Complete the second screen, which is the E-mail Reports window, and click the Send button.CMA via email 4
Your client will now have a downloadable, printable copy of the CMA Summary.