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In Instanet Lite, create a new transaction or go to an existing transaction. Then, go to the Forms tab on the Transaction Details page.

1Fill out the needed forms and click File, then Save and Exit.2

Select the forms to send by checking the boxes (shown below), then go to the “I Would Like To” tab and select “Sign Selected Forms in Authentisign”. Next, click the blue arrow pointing to the right.3

Choose the Participant Order:

Note: Sign In-line will send the email invitation to the first participant then to the next participant once the first has been signed. Simul-Sign will send the email invitation to all participants at the same time, first come, first serve.

4After you select the participant order, go to Step 2 to add the participants. Click the plus sign to the left of Step 2, then the add button.Step-2

Here you can add new or select the transaction button to add participants.

Now assign the correct role to the Participants and click save. If there is a red hand on any participant click on it, add any missing information and save.You-Have-Not-Assigned

Next, go to Step 3: Documents. The forms you sent from Instanet will be here. If you want to add any additional forms or documents click the add button.5

After all the forms and documents have been added, go to Step 4: Design. To add any signature or initial boxes, left-click on Drag & Drop. Choose from the icons that appear; click, hold and drag the icon to the location that you need.

If you need to switch between Participants, click on the Signers drop-down. When you are finished, click the blue Next button to send the email invitations. When the signing is complete, the forms will be uploaded to Documents in the transaction in Instanet.6

We hope you have found this tutorial helpful! If you have any further questions, please call NNRMLS at 823-8838 and ask for one of our techs, or email support@nnrmls.com.