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When your client requests that their property not be placed in the MLS for any reason, a “Seller’s Waiver of MLS Benefits” must be completed and submitted to NNRMLS within 48 hours of the Seller’s signature.

Did you know that you can also enter the listing into Paragon as a “Confidential Listing” once the Waiver has been submitted to NNRMLS? A “Confidential Listing” allows the Listing Agent to enter listing details and photos early in the transaction, still having complete control and the ability to update the listing information without releasing it to NNRMLS Members. Once the Listing Agent has been given permission to place the listing on the MLS for searching capabilities to all Members, the Listing Agent is required to change the listing from “Confidential” to “MLS”.

Remember, when a listing placed on “Waiver” closes, it must be entered as “Sold” (NNRMLS Policy Manual, Section 4 Level 2 Citations and Fines 4.5.)

Also, you must have a “Waiver” on file to enter a listing as “Confidential.” Failure to submit a Waiver for any listing withheld from MLS will result in an automatic $1000 fine.