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Are you seeing Japanese letters in your Instanet account? Don’t worry you’re not crazy and Instanet isn’t broken!

The problem occurs when you use Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft’s legacy Internet browser. IE has the “font-download-from-websites” function disabled. Because of that your browser doesn’t know how to read Instanet’s “font pack”, so the best it can do is translate it into Japanese characters, according to Instanet Solutions, the maker of the Instanet software.

This is a browser setting issue and is relatively easy to solve! Just follow the steps below:

Open Internet Explorer (IE) and click the icon that looks like a gear in the upper right-hand corner, then click Internet Options
If you do not see the gear icon, click the Alt button on the left-hand side of your keyboard. This will display menu options at the top of the page, so you can click Tools and then Internet Options from the resulting drop-down menu.

Alternative way: If you click Tools on the Menu at the top, a drop- down menu will open and Internet Options is one of the choices.

Next click the Security tab, then select Internet so it is highlighted. Then click the Custom level button:













Scroll down the long list until you see a section called Downloads and then click Enable for the Font Download section, then click the OK button.













Now refresh the page and you should see proper text; in English! You only have to apply this fix to your settings only once, unless you reset your IE browser to its default settings. Edge, (Microsoft’s new browser), doesn’t do this so it won’t be a problem once IE is eventually phased out.

Please let us know if you have questions!