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Have you ever wished you could search Paragon 5 for multiple addresses? You can by following these steps to add a multiple address field to your criteria page:
1. Click the Search icon
2. Click Residential (this how-to instructs specific to a residential search but you can use any other class)
3. Click Customize (this might appear as a blue gear)

4. In the Find field type “Multiple”

5. Click the check box next to the Multiple Address field that appears in the Available Fields box
6. Click the Add button
7. Click the Apply button
8. Click Save Search
9. Click Save Search As

10. Give your Search a name that you will be sure to remember
11. Check the box next to the option: Make this the DEFAULT for Residential searches
12. Click the Save button
That’s it! Every time you click on Search and Residential the criteria page should include the Multiple Address field.
(Please see the screen shots attached to this ticket for a visual reference)

Thanks for reading this post! I hope it helped you with your business. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment on this page about ideas you have for future blog posts.

-Andrew Cristancho

NNRMLS Help Desk Representative

andrew@nnrmls.com or 775-823-8838