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Want to save a DocCentral fax coversheet with no expiration date to your computer for future use?

DocCentral logo

Here’s how:

1. Log into Paragon.
2. Click on the Resources icon, then click on the DocCentral link from the resulting dropdown.

DocCentral Fax to Email1
3. In the DocCentral Fax to Email tab, your name and email address will automatically be entered into the “To” and “From” section. You’ll want to add a recipient by clicking the “Add more recipients…” button and entering the name and email address for the person you’re sending documents to.
4. Click the Email button.

DocCentral save a copy1
Enter your email address and any Notes that you want to include, and click the Email button.DocCentral save a copy3

5. That will send a “fresh” cover sheet with a bar code and an 800 number to you that you can save to your computer and then use at a later time to send documents via fax machine to your client’s email inbox.

We hope you find this new Member service simple and efficient to use!
Please Note: The DocCentral Fax to Email product does not function the same way NNRMLS’ previous Fax to Email service (MongoFax) did; you cannot download a blank PDF to your computer that you can use repeatedly.