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We have a brand new Help Desk page that we want you to know about! The “Tech Help” button on your NNRMLS Member Launchpad looks the same but once you click it, magic happens! Watch this video to see how to find the new Help Desk page.

Here’s a look at the Tech Help button:
Tech Help Button
And the All-New NNRMLS Help Desk page that is revealed when you click the Tech Help button:

Support Page

This page is your one-stop shop for technical and training assistance from NNRMLS!

Here’s just a sample of all the ways you can receive tech support and training from our skilled team:

  • Submit a Help Desk Ticket
  • Request a Call Back
  • Schedule an appointment at our Virtual Tech Bar
  • Check out our brand new NNRMLS FAQ
  • Access training resources including live and on-demand options
  • Find a class schedule
  • Check out our new NNRMLS Status Page for the system health for key services you depend on for your business
  • Find our blog
  • Find after-hours support

This new page helps to centralize all of our support and training resources on one page so you will never have to guess where to find help! We hope you love all of these resources as much as we love bringing them to you! Please feel free to email us at info@nnrmls.com with questions and suggestions!