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Great news RPR Users!
RPR, Realtors Property Resource, has a brand new look! The new modern user interface makes it easier to find the features that are most important to our real estate practitioners! Click the image above to visit RPR!

When Did RPR Change Its Look?
RPR implemented its redesign on February 24, 2021. You were not required to take action, this update happened automatically.

What’s Changed with RPR’s New Look?
A cleaner, neater, easier-to-use application featuring a lot of the things that you love and a lot of the things you might not have known about because they were a little hidden. Here are five highlights that RPR’s Marketing Team wants you to know about:
• Overall cleaner look and feel with more white space and larger fonts
• Search all properties from one spot
• The new homepage is retooled for productivity with lots of shortcuts
• Search and Search Results are simpler and easier to use and understand
• Mapping; is beautiful and fast

Why Did RPR Update Its Site?
Really, the massive update is a result of insight from you and/or real estate practitioners like you. The RPR team conducted interviews of users from across the country and learned a lot about how you use RPR and how you apply RPR to your current business practices. The RPR team then curated feedback from users across the country to inform this redesign. To find out more about what drove RPR’s redesign click here to watch The Wow Factor: Episode 9 – RPR “Refreshed.”

Where Can I Learn More?
RPR has a comprehensive video learning library! Click here to access RPR’s Learning Center.
Click here for the RPR Blog, which is a great resource for more information about the application.
NNRMLS Members are also invited to join RPR Connect, RPR’s Facebook group. Click here to visit RPR Connect or to request access if you are not yet a member of the group.
If you have questions about this update for our team please click here to visit our NNRMLS Support page.

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