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Searching Your Subject Property

Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®) is designed to help REALTORS® achieve professional success by providing them with an unparalleled platform of dynamic data and persuasive reports that help attract, retain and lead clients to the closing table. The system is accessible 24/7 from any device (desktop to mobile), all-inclusive, easy to use, and produce client-friendly information that yields results — all at no additional cost.

We are going through the Eight things new users want to know about RPR Residential for new users series, highlighting 2 topics at a time. These are straightforward “how-to’s” covering everything from simple searches, to gathering data on schools and neighborhoods, mapping, and our ever-popular RPR reports. Each article includes a breakdown of what you can expect from RPR and how to easily incorporate RPR tools and features into your everyday business operations. This time we will cover Searching on RPR and Sizing Up the RPR Property Details page.

How to Perform a Search

From the Launchpad, click on the RPR button and log in to your RPR account. The search bar stands front and center on the RPR homepage. Look to the six options just above the search bar to get exactly where you want to be.

Search Bar

Advanced Searches

Each search returns a page that includes filters to further narrow results shown. As an added option, save a few steps by using the advanced search at the homepage level. Doing so will expand the search bar to reveal drill-down options, which vary depending on whether your search is All PropertiesFor Sale or Neighborhoods.

Search Types

Please click here for a detailed explanation of the types of searches:
All Properties and For Sale
For Lease
Market Activity
My Current Listings

Read the full article here

Sizing Up the RPR Property Details Page

RPR Property Details

RPR’s Property Details page offers a wealth of data not found on any other real estate platform. Here you will find side-by-side comparisons of MLS vs. public records information; sales, tax and mortgage histories; property photos, school and neighborhood profiles, interactive maps, and more.

From the Launchpad, click on the RPR button and log in to your RPR account. Within the search bar, type in an address and click Search. The Property Details page will appear.

The Property Details page has six tabs in its navigation bar. They include:

  1. Summary
  2. History
  3. Charts
  4. Refined Value
  5. Comp Analysis
  6. Neighborhood

On the RPR Blog, these navigation tabs are discussed in detail. Read the full article here 

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*Text was taken primarily from recent RPR Blog articles