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Introducing 2 new features!

1. Creating Mailing Labels in RPR:

Realtor Property Resource

REALTORS® can now create mailing labels or export owner information from their RPR search results. These ready-to-print mailing labels will give agents another tool in their RPR toolbox for farming, prospecting or direct mail marketing within custom geographies.

You can choose from three standard mailing label formats (Avery 5160, Avery 5161, Avery 5162) or export owner information to a spreadsheet (CSV file) that can be downloaded. This feature uses public records data (no MLS data) licensed from our public records provider, Black Knight, and is available for residential as well as commercial properties.

You will find clear instructions to create your mailing labels behind the following links — in a written blog format, or a how-to video:
Quick Start Guide: Mailing Labels
How-to Video: Create Your Own Mailing Labels in RPR

2. Reverse-Engineered Site Selection:

RPR Commercial offers specialized tools, such as the Attribute Based Site Selector, that can help you identify optimal commercial site selections. You can go to RPR to run a custom Trade Area Report around an existing location to see that community’s attributes and discover your own insights.

RPR’s economic and commercial forecast reports play a key role in helping clients find the right location for their businesses. Watch the video tutorial to learn how RPR’s site selection tools reveal a broad scope of location-based attributes used to examine national trends, such as Aging America, Long-Term Renters, Co-working Spaces and more.

This video covers:
• Current trends affecting commercial real estate
• Attribute-based site selection tools
• Methods to identify key site attributes

Read the article on Reverse-Engineered Site Selection
How-to Video: Converting Trends into Deals