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picresize logoHave you ever had your photos rejected by Paragon because the file size was too large? The maximum size for listing photos in Paragon is 2 MB. Many cameras, including smartphones, can take photos that have file sizes that exceed this limit. If your camera is set to capture images at a high resolution, your photos will be too large to upload to Paragon.

Windows and Mac both include software to resize pictures, but some users find them difficult to use. The fine folks at PicResize.com boast that they’re “The Internet’s Best Picture Resizing Tool.” PicResize is a free service that not only facilitates the resizing of your images, but also gives you options to rotate, flip and crop your photos as well.

To use this free service, visit http://www.picresize.com and begin the first step.

Pic resize step 1
Step 1: Click on the “Browse” button. Locate your image file, and click “Open”
Click the yellow “Continue” button.

Picresize step1a
In Step 2, you can select various size reductions. An estimated final pixel width
and height are displayed on the right hand side of the screen. The optimal resolution
for a listing photo in Paragon 5 is 640 pixels wide by 480 pixels tall – you can adjust your photo to this size by using the “Make My Picture” dropdown menu to select “Custom Size”. Enter 640 in the width and 480 in the height, unless the picture is a vertical orientation then enter 480 as the width 640 as the height. Make sure “pixels” are selected.

Picresize step1b
In Step 3 special effects can be added, but most would not be recommended for professional presentation. You can skip down to Step 4 and click “I’m Done, Resize my Picture!”. This will take you to the next screen, where you can save your newly resized image.

Picresize step1c
Be sure to click “Save to Disk” from the menu on the left. This application will not
overwrite your old file, but will allow you to download a new version of the file,
with a new name by default.

Shortly after you click Save to Disk you should see a message near the bottom of your screen that says something like, “Do you want to open or save rsz_1img_3977.jpg from www.picresize.com?” Click the Open button.

Picresize step1d

You computer’s “Windows Photo Viewer” should bring the picture up in a window. You can then save this resized photo to a spot on your computer that you’ll remember.

Here’s how:
Click File, then “Make a Copy”

Picresize step1eDecide where you would like to save the picture; click “Save”.

Picresize step1f

IMPORTANT: PicResize.com is advertiser supported, and some of those ads feature
misleading “Download” buttons. To get your resized image, click the “Save to Disk” button.