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Now that it’s mandatory to upload a primary photograph to save your listing in Paragon I thought it would be a great idea to suggest a simple method for your to resize your pictures in Paint, which is a Microsoft program that comes free on most Windows computers.

1. With your computer open navigate to the picture(s) you want to edit.

Navigate to pictures in computer
 2. Right click one of the photo(s) and choose ‘Open With’ and pick Paint from the list of programs

Right click open with paint
3. Once Paint opens click ‘Resize’, (if this is not found, look for the tool that looks like two squares; one on top of the other)

Resize button




4. Click the ‘Pixels’ option and make sure the ‘Maintain aspect ratio’ box is checked.

Resize and Skew
5. Enter 640 into either the Horizontal or Vertical fields, whichever is larger initially. (The image will be proportionally resized automatically as long as the ‘Maintain aspect ratio’ box is checked).

6. Click the OK button





7. Click the blue tab to the left of the home tab

Paint blue tab




8. Click ‘Save As’ and then click ‘JPEG Picture’.

Paint save as












9. In your computer’s ‘Save As’ window choose where you want to save the picture, name it and make sure the ‘Save as type’ field says JPEG. Click the ‘Save’ button.

Paint save as to computer
10. Repeat if you have more than one photo.

That’s it! Your photo(s) should be within the size limits that Paragon allows. Happy uploading!

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