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If you have a photo that is too large to upload to Paragon and you use a Windows computer, one quick way to resize it is to use your computer’s Paint program.

Note: these instructions assume you’re using Windows 7 for your operating system and that you want to resize one picture at a time

1. Click on the Start button

2. In the Search Programs and Files field type in “Paint”

3. Under results from programs click Paint

4. Once the program opens click on the blue tab in the upper left above the Paste icon, which looks like a clipboard

5. Click Open and locate the photo on your computer that you want to edit

6. Click on the photo

7. Click the Open button

8. Use the canvas zoom control (it likely says 100% next to it) located in the lower right corner, to view the entire image

9. Click the Resize button

10. Click on the Pixels radial

11. Make sure the Maintain aspect ratio check box is checked

12. Make the largest dimension of the photo 640

13. Don’t worry about adjusting the smallest dimension of the photo as long as you have checked the Maintain aspect ratio check box (the ideal size for Paragon photos is 640 by 480 pixels but if the numbers aren’t exact, don’t worry the photo should still upload into Paragon

14. Click the OK button

15. Click on the blue tab in the upper left above the Paste icon, which looks like a clipboard

16. Click Save As and choose JPEG Picture

17. In the Save As window choose where on your computer you would like to save the resized image

18. In the File name field, give your photo a name

19. Click the Save button

That’s it! The photo is resized and ready to upload to Paragon. Note: If you would like to resize multiple photos at once you should use Microsoft Office Picture Manager; and that how-to will be the subject of another blog post.

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