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Are you an Instanet template user? If so, this tutorial is for you! Read on to learn how to replace your template form. If you do not use templates, you can disregard this post, or contact NNRMLS if you would like more information on the time-saving benefits of creating templates.

A new version of the Residential Disclosure Form has replaced the old version in Instanet – because of this you will need to change your templates.

1. Login to Instanet and click on the Setup (Gears) icon: 

2. Now click on Transaction Templates:

3. Select the template that has old forms by clicking its name. In this example, we’re clicking on A Buyer Template. If you don’t know if a template has old forms, simply click on the name of any template and go to the next step.

4. Now click on the arrow icon that appears to be pointing downward that’s located next to the section titled Forms.

5. You can now determine if a form is no longer valid because you will see a message, (in red letters), below the form name that says This form has been disabled.

6. Now delete the disabled form. To do this first click the three stacked dots, (the stoplight menu), then click Delete.

7. You’ll see a pop-up window that says “Are you sure you want to delete this item?” Click the Yes button.

8. Now you’ll want to add the new version of the form into your template. To do this, click the Plus icon on the top right of the Forms widget.

9. Now click the folder that corresponds to the type of template you are working on. If it’s a buyer template, like this example; click the Selling Forms folder; if it’s a listing template click on the Listing Folder. It’s important to choose the replacement form from the correct folder. In this example, we’re clicking on the Selling Forms folder.

10. The next step is to scroll down to the form you need, and then select it by clicking on its name or you can click the round checkbox that corresponds to the form. Next, click the Add button, in the upper-right. In this example, we’re choosing the Residential Disclosure Guide – Full Page.

The new form will now be in your template and the template is ready to be added to a transaction!

If you’d like to learn more about templates, please register for an MLSU Instanet class or click here to watch our latest Instanet webinar, which includes a section on templates.