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Learn the Primary Functions of the Map!

The Discover Map is the landing page of Remine, and the place where you’ll set up your farming areas. This article will walk you through the primary functions of the map. 

Click here to learn about the zooming tools and here to learn about the drawing tools on the map.

Blue Dots

Generally, each blue dot represents one property. When you click on a blue dot, a box appears that displays some basic information about the property. This box is called a property card. When you click the address in the property card, the Property Details page appears, with more granular information about the property.

One exception is in the case of multi-unit properties. When you click the blue dot for a multi-unit property, a property card appears that indicates there are multiple units associated with the property. You can click View Units to see a list of all the units in the building, and you can click an individual unit’s address to see the Property Details page for the unit.

Watch the Single Property animation here
Click to view the Multi-Unit Property Card

To view a list of addresses that correspond to the visible blue dots on the map, in the upper right corner, click Show List. Viewing this list does not track the properties. Click here to learn more the difference about viewing a list of properties and tracking properties.

View Show List in Action here


You can quickly and easily identify properties that meet your criteria by using any combination of filters. Click here for a deep dive into each Remine filter and its function.

There are two sets of filters on the Discover Map. The filters across the top include basic property information, like bedroom and bathroom count, square footage, and year built.