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SignHereDo modern eSignatures hold weight in the real world of paper signatures? Do your clients worry about this technology? We hope to help alleviate those fears with some talking points for conversations with cautious clients. Many believe eSignatures are now safer than paper signatures.

Click here to read the full article by RETechnology: The Pen vs. the Pixel: Which Signature Is More Trustworthy?

Here are some talking points to help your clients understand the advantages of using eSignature technology while assuring them of legal authenticity:

  • Details like time, date and GPS location of the signer can be tracked and logged
  • Information about the device is recorded, including the device used and the signer’s email address
  • Tampering can be easily spotted; no modifications are allowed after it has been signed
  • Any document reader, such as Adobe Acrobat, will alert you upon opening the document if the signature is invalid and you aren’t viewing the official, final document

Authentisign*Authentisign, Instanet’s eSignature software used by NNRMLS Members, is 100% ESIGN compliant and FHA and Fannie Mae approved.

If any of you would like FREE training on Instanet Solutions’ Authentisign after you read this article please feel free to email andrew@nnrmls.com.