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Today’s Quick Tip is going to help you out of a jam – an Authentisign jam! If you think we are referring to literal, authentic jam that you spread on toast, please take one of our MLSU Authentisign classes! Authentisign is your e-signing software, part of the Instanet suite of products, integrated right into Paragon.

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Here’s the situation, shown in the above image: You’ve got your form filled out, signature and initial placeholders are all laid out perfectly and you’re ready to get it signed; except…here’s where some agents are getting stuck…how do you send this form to your client from here? Bring your eyes to the upper-right third of the image and you will see an arrow (for you math whizzes it looks like a blue “greater-than” symbol). When you click the arrow, this tells Authentisign that you’ve finished laying out signature and initial placeholders, and you want to move to the next step before you send.

Click the arrow and Authentisign will take a moment to load the next screen:





Then you’ll see the Finalize Signing Setup window:

Send invitiations window

Click the Send Invitations button and the email invitations will be sent out to your clients to sign electronically.

Click the Customize Invitation Emails button and you’ll be given the option to write a custom message or subject, or just change the client email address if needed.

Clicking Cancel will NOT cancel the signing OR send the signing — it will take you back to the editing window if you need make changes before you send.

Good luck and let NNRMLS know how we can help!