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Black Knight


NNRMLS has enabled Black Knight’s newest exciting feature in Paragon for helping agents win new business called Property Watch. Property Watch allows agents to select parcels from the Map Search tab or the Google Map View and with a single click, automatically be registered to receive email alerts when one of the following changes occurs on the public record:

  • ARM Reset
  • New Loan
  • Foreclosure
  • Ownership Change
  • Lien Status Change
  • Tax Delinquency
  • Valuation Change

This information will help agents stay on top of what is happening to properties for their clients or to help gain new clients. Property Watch can also serve as a cart for public records. By adding the property to a Watch, it stores the property in a new grid called My Property Watches for quick access. Here’s how it works: A Property Watch can be added from the property panel that displays when a parcel is clicked on the map located under the Map Search Tab or the Google Map View of search results. Clicking on the WATCH PROPERTY option will automatically register the agent to receive email alerts when the aforementioned events occur on the public record. Once enabled, the link toggles to Remove Watch where the watch can easily be removed.

To learn more; you can read the 4-page Black Knight/Paragon Property Watch Quick Start Guide in its entirety, please click here

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