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Types of Properties Published

Revised December 7, 2020


Residential: Single Family Residence, Manufactured, Condominium, Townhouse, or Stock Cooperative (Shared Ownership), without regard to owner occupancy or rental status. Attached or detached. A Residential listing may include a Single Family Residence with an additional unit such as in-law, guest or staff quarters, separate and on the same parcel. All Residential listings entered into the MLS must include real property except dwellings within a Cooperative Complex.

Multi-family: Two or more legal (conforming) residential units on a single parcel. This does not include single ownership of multiple condos in a project or single ownership of single family residences on separate parcels.

Vacant lot: Land without any dwelling units. This may include parcels that have obsolete structures without value.

Farm and Ranch: Any property, regardless of residence, that has a minimum of 20-acre feet of water rights can be defined as Farm and Ranch.

Business Opportunity: A business which may include personal property and might, but does not necessarily include real property.

Commercial/Industrial: Includes any office, retail, industrial property. Commercially zoned vacant land must be entered in the Vacant Land category.

Lease Only: Rent or lease of any commercial or business property.

Rental: Rent or lease of any residential property.



Please note this information may be updated from time to time by the  NNRMLS Board of Trustees.

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