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I see a listing in Paragon that is not correct, what is the process for reporting incorrect listings to NNRMLS?


A: Our office performs daily audits of the MLS and we are always working to make the data in the system the most up-to-date and correct as possible. When you notice a listing in the MLS that may have incorrect information such as: incorrect status, square footage, acreage, remarks, etc, then you can report the incorrect information by clicking on the “Correction” button when viewing the listing.

Here is how: While in the MLS “All Fields” view, the “Correction” button can be found at the top in the same blue band as the Print, Save, Customize and Email buttons as seen below:Ask Amie Report Correction

When you click on the “Correction” button, an email box will appear where you can explain what is wrong with the listing. This will be sent to our office where we can review the email and then get a correction notice sent out to the listing agent(s). This method of reporting a correction is the preferred method but you may also call or email our office to report a correction as well. Our phone number is 775-823-8838 or you can email info@nnrmls.com.